The Right Midwives

Many years ago, I had a dream of starting a home-based Bible study group for teenagers. I was seventeen at the time but I had built myself up on the Word that I was overflowing with lessons I could teach those around me. Immediately I conceived this idea, I began to prepare in earnest. I prepared lesson notes in advance.


Burning with zeal, I looked around for someone to confide in. Based on the peculiarity of my dream, I went to the pastor of my local assembly, at the time. I shared my vision with him and asked for his blessings. He replied that he would pray about it and give me feedback. He never did and my dream died within me. A sad, painful death.


You see, my dream didn’t die because I was incompetent. Neither did it die because it was not viable. It died because I chose the wrong midwife for my dream and placed too much trust in that midwife. Every wise couple knows that the successful delivery of their newborn depends largely on the efficiency of the midwife. This is why couples spend fortunes on childbirth. They would rather see their newborn come out alive than end the nine months of gestation in tears of woe.


We all have dreams. We all have goals, desires, yearnings, visions. And we all hope to see our dreams come alive. But we all do not submit the fetus of our dreams to the right midwives. As I write, I weep silently for the innumerable dreams that have died for lack of proper mentoring and supervision. Today, decide that you will NEVER AGAIN submit your dreams to the wrong mentors. Choose today to seek only the best midwives for your dream.

If you have learnt anything from this post or you have insight that may help, please leave a comment in the column provided, thanks. Live, learn, grow, be productive! See you next week.

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